A dance, full of character, where you need to add your personality to make it complete ! The Jazz steps are the foundation of routines like the Big Apple, the Tranky Doo, the Shim Sham with traditional steps like Suzy-Q, Shorty George or Boogie Back. But not only… To me, it’s mainly the art form of moving by yourself to Jazz music. Knowing steps from the Jazz repertoire is great. But what’s even better is what you can create with them! Not only executing them in a strict way.
Dancing Solo Jazz will bring you fun, a better understanding of the musicality, a clear sense of rhythm and this will help you feel more confortable in your body, your own dancing and will have a clear impact in your couple dancing as well. I like to say : “how can you pretend lead or follow someone if you don’t have any idea on our own movement first?"

Teachers: Skye, Isabella, Pontus, Alice & Vincenzo.
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The Lindy Hop is the Queen of Swing dances ! This dance was born in 1927 in Harlem, a neighborhood in New York, when Swing music has emerged.

Lindy Hop was invented by the afro-american community. While they did it, they gave to the dance an african touch : the bending position, the "bounce" (which gives an impression of flexibility), exuberance, improvisation, fun, joy or sensuality.
Then the best dancers have brought acrobatics for competitions. The first Air step was invented by a certain... Frankie Manning !

Lost in the mid 40’s, this dance reborn in the 80’s thanks to people like Lennart Westerlund and Ryan Francois. Since then, the Lindy Hop continues to have new adepts around the world as it is a dance characterized by the musicality, fun, freedom and share...

Teachers: Isabella & Pontus, Katja & Vincenzo, Moe & Markus, Jenny & Mike, Alice & Remy.
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